Wall to Wall Academy Model


Introduction to Wall-to-Wall Academies
Clearwater High School
A Personalized Education Plan for Every Student

Studies show that students in an academy setting out-perform students in the general populations across the state of Florida and the country. Academy students are succeeding, graduating, and achieving where general students are, at an alarming rate, failing to rise beyond ninth grade, let alone graduate high school and attend or succeed in postsecondary education.

To ensure and improve student performance, Clearwater High School is implementing a sweeping change from traditional enrollment to Wall-to-Wall Academies. 

These academies will function as Small Leaning Communities and will be centered on key interest areas of our Clearwater High students.  This “academy environment” will offer each student more personalized attention, recognition and care from teachers, staff, and peers. Integral to this “Academy Methodology“ is the interest and career-themed approach designed to engage all students with learning that is rigorous and relevant – preparing them for college-level or post-high school work through the context of their interests. This initiative will also offer our students numerous varied industry certifications and thereby endow them with real-world career skills. 

Our Academies:
1. BLIS Academy of Business, Leadership, & International Studies (includes CAICC & ROTC)
2. STEAM Academy of Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture, & Mathematics
3. FAME Academy of Fine Arts & Media Education
4. SHARE Academy of Sports, Hospitality, and Recreational Education

Why adopt the Academy Methodology for all students?
•	Academies offer flexible plans of study that are centered on areas of student interest and different career fields.
•	Students will have some of the same teachers and classmates for at least two years, thus creating a sense of community and belonging.
•	Academic and career technical teachers meet to discuss curriculum, content, and instruction.
•	College/Career Counseling is available to inform students about options for employment and further education.
•	Each Academy has an Advisory Committee consisting of employers, community members, and faculty.
•	Academies allow for work-based learning and job shadowing opportunities.
•	Students have the flexibility to change their career direction as new knowledge and skills are acquired.

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